Stones & Properties

Amethyst is known to help purify the mind reducing stress and anxiety. This stone promotes enlightenment—healing people realize their full purpose.
Agates are excellent grounding stones—helping promote physical, emotional and mental balance. These stones help aid in stabilizing and centering the wearer. They also help bring a heightened awareness and appreciation for the sensuality and the fullness of life.
Aqua Quartzite
Aqua Quartzite is known to help promote self-realization—aiding the wearer is realizing truths about themselves. This stone is also known to promote success and abundance for those who wear, use or carry it.
Aventurine (Green)
Green Aventurine is a harmony stone—believed to be a great stone for promoting well-being and healing from emotional traumas. This is an excellent stone for maintaining optimistic during times of struggle.
Basalt (Lava Stone)
Basalt is a grounding stone that strengthens one’s connections to the Earth. It promotes strength and courage, providing stabilizing energy especially during times of change. This stone can be helpful in situations where one is looking for understanding or guidance.
Blue Aventurine
Blue Aventurine helps you explore the many possibilities you possess by enriching you with strength and the courage necessary to achieve them. This stone also promotes love and compassion and can help the wearer on their journey of growth and elevation.
Chrysoberyl (Cat Eye Stone)
This stone promotes positivity and dispels negative energy—helping enhance wisdom and intellect. This stone can help provide clarity in moments of decision making.
Fluorite is an excellent concentration stone that aids in learning. This stone promotes self-confidence and promotes healthy decision making. This is also an excellent healing stone that emits positivity, balances energies and improves physical and mental coordination.
Garnett is known to be a stone of strength that promotes abundance and prosperity. This stone also encourages gratitude and service to others. The wearer may find an increased understanding of devotion bringing warmth, sincerity and honesty to their relationships.
Howlite is a calming stone which promotes peace and provides calming energy for the wearer. Howlite can aid in relieving tension, stress and promoting restorative sleep. Having peace of mind can aid in decision making and focus.
Jade is known to be a calming stone with a nourishing energy. This stone promotes a soothing purifying energy that can be considered soothing. This stone aids the wearer in acceptance and helps promote love and wisdom.
Jasper (Black)
Black Jasper is an excellent grounding stone, which helps bring about physical and emotional stability for the wearer. This stone can be helpful in eliminating unease and help in steading one’s thoughts and promote clarity of mind.
Moonstone has a strong feminine energy—which promotes calm and comforting energies. These stones are excellent for soothing emotional pain and promoting creativity.
Quartz (Clear)
Clear quartz is regarded as an enhancing stone—with its ability to clear the mind of negativity and enhance a higher spiritual receptiveness. This stone may help amplify the healing properties of other stones.
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is known as the love stone. It promotes unconditional love, aids in healing and calm for the wearer. This stone attracts love carrying a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace—drawing on tenderness and comfort.
Sea Sediment Jasper
Sea Sediment Jasper Is a stabilizing stone that is great for uncovering inner peace, love, compassion and clarity. These stones promote the alignment of the physical and emotional which can help provide stability.
Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye promotes harmony and balance and aids in releasing fear and anxiety. This clarity can help the wearer be more decisive and make decisions with understanding and discernment. Providing decreased anxiety and increased joy for the wearer.
Matte - Glossy
All of our products are handmade with natural semi-precious stones, please understand some variation in color and size of the stones may exist. This is what makes each of our pieces authentic, just like you!